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Biomass Co-Generation ::Type HBF

Biomass - The Energy Source for the Future!

From a storage system with letter frame the wood or wood waste will be transported automatically to the hot gas generator, transferring hot gas with 900°C to the steam boiler. In the steam boiler the hot gas produces steam with 28 bars, superheated to 350°C. The turbine has an electrical output of 2.6 MW per hour. The hot gas is leaving the steam boiler with 200°C to the waste-gas cleaning system and will cleaned to standards demanded by local authorities.


CO2 neutral emissions guarantee good environmental compatibility.

Wood or wood waste as a cheap biomass to produce energy.

Modulare System provides the energy on location where needed.

Low costs for wiring as no air transmission lines required.

Low setup costs as our module system enables combination with local-built components - reducing investment costs.

Low operation costs as the automatic control minimizes operational costs.

Government subventions for investment and electric power.

Example of a biomass combustion plant / hot gas generator in standard size
Electric capacity Wood consumption Electric power for
2.6 MW 4400 kg/h or 18 m³/h approx. 1.000 civil buildings


The system consists of 4 modules

  1. Hot gas generator burns the wood with high efficiency.
  2. Steam boiler with Economizer produces a maximum of steam.
  3. Vacuum Turbine converts a maximum of steam into electrical energy.
  4. Waste-gas Cleaning System as a special waste-gas cleaning system guarantees a minimum of pollution for the atmosphere.