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Biomass co-generation high temperature range

This technologies also known as Cogeneration, or Kraft-Wärme-Kopplung KWK = force- heat- coupling in german. ORC-Units are used for electric power generation and for coupling to available heat from low energy heat sources or heat recovery installations. Thermal oil with an outlet temperature of 300 °C is used as heat transfer medium.

As possible heating source can be used:

Erection of the plant can take place outdoors. Only foundation and protection roof have to be provided. The ORC Unit is equipped with a comprehensive instrumentation, aimed to allow a monitoring of the plant.

It is possible to operate an ORC unit without specially trained personnel. The maintenance work for the heat transfer loops can be done by a shop mechanic or a caretaker.

All operation media of the ORC unit are held in closed cycles. This avoids any intermingling or impuring of the medias. The thermal oil cycle for vaporating the operation medium of the ORC turbine is well known and reliable technology. The closed loops guarantee that environment is not endangered.

The ORC turbine offers the following advantages: