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Heating systems for ships

Oil fired boilers

As the use of heavy oils more and more coming up, and in use, auxiliarly boilers have also to be heated by this oil. These boilers require specific constructions and heating systems. tubular boilers with forced circulation reach temperatures of more than 140°C even in their sections of lowest temperatures, so without problems they can be fed with heavy oil.

Waste Gas Boiler AKWTOE and AKD

The plain tube boilers are heated by waste gas. The heating surface consists of a multitude coaxial tube systems. The tube systems are welded gastight and can be used for the heating of HT-oil and the production of saturated steam (scheme). They are mounted in a gastight heavy steel housing, the latter outfitted with a fastening construction. By this construction the waste gas boilers are especially suited for pulsating operation on flue gases from Diesel engines.

Production and acceptance of boiler types AKH-T, and AKH-D, according to the specifications of almost all supervision organizations is possible. holds "General Approvals" of the German Lloyd, Lloyd's Register of Shipping, and Bureau Veritas, for these boiler types. Acceptance by these supervision organizations can be effected quickly and reliably.