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Example: Quick Steam Generator in 40 ft. Container
2 double wing doors (front and back) for service and repair of components or
side door ca. 1.000 x 2.000 mm
steel bottom

40 ft. standard container is composed of

Scope of delivery

All a. m. components of the steam boiler installation are mounted and connected ready for operation. The container is equipped with lighting installation. The body of the container is equipped with 2 doors. This enables service, repair or replacement of single components without removing other or all components.

The emergency generator provides operation without external electric power. The chimney is designed in modular system and consists of several pieces. They can be lifted on the roof of the container easily - without special devices. Assembly of the pieces via flange and plug-in system.

The container can be transported on truck and moved with usual cranes and elevators for shipment.

Steps for operation

  1. Mounting of chimney.
  2. Connection for steam exit (outside steam piping by customer)
  3. Connection for power supply
  4. Connection for water supply
  5. Filling of diesel tank
  6. Checking of water treatment