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Thermal Fluid Heater::Type WTOE

Our thermal fluid heater is a tubular heater constructed for the use of both organic and synthetic heat transfer fluids and for hot water. Its large combustion chamber provides best combustion results and guarantees thereby ideal emission rates.


The WTI thermal fluid heater is available for horizontal and vertical position.

The advantage of the vertical position is that it provides a constant degassing of the heat transfer fluids in the pipe system. The pipe material - which is the heating surface - is therefore less worn out and is kept in better condition. The horizontal position of the WTI thermal fluid heater has the advantage that the combustor is easily accessible for maintenance purposes.

All our appliances comply with the DIN 4754 regulations of the German Institute for Standardization for steam boiler plants. They can be used in many different fields, not only because of their advantage of being in operation almost without pressure up to temperatures of 300°C and with only low overpressure up to 400°C. They can also operate during the vapour phase.


WTI thermal fluid heaters can be applied in many different fields of heating:

The thermal fluid heater can be either fuelled directly by the use of light fuel oil, medium fuel oil, heavy fuel oil, scrap oil, solid fuels like coal, biomass - wood, sawdust and all sorts of gas - and electrical resistance heating or indirectly by liquids, waste gas, waste heat and steam. WTI has solutions for all these forms of heating.

The use of heat transfer fluids guarantees a long durability of the plant. With thermal fluid plants the problem of corrosion is non-existent. Because of the use of oil, the inside can not corrode and the use of different fuels makes sure that the temperature on the outside is never below dew-point. As the combustor is cooled by the tubular heating surface, fireproof coating is not necessary. This results in only minimal wear of the material. An efficiency of over 90% is achieved by the use of combustion air pre-heaters and heat exchangers in order to raise the return-flow temperature or to heat plant-related water systems. All control and safety devices comply with the regulations of the responsible classification society and they have been in use successfully over the last years. One of the most important safety devices is a flow safety device which makes sure that the circulation quantity of the heat transfer fluid in the boiler is never below the required minimum. Thermal fluid plants can be delivered ready for installation, e.g. in a standard container or on a common frame so that the plants can be instantly installed at the respective place. This means for our customers: flexible and quick appliance of the plants with almost no preparations for the installation.

WTOE - Hot water boiler

Our hot water boiler can be applied in the same fields as the WTI thermal fluid heater.

Our service

WTI plans complete heating stations for you. We assist you in dealing with the responsible authorities, we do both boiler and combustor service and we make emission measuring.

Type scale

WTOE Max. heat capacity WTOE Max. heat capacity
0,115 115kW 0,175 175kW
0,235 235kW 0,45 450kW
0,7 700kW 1,0 100kW
1,25 1250kW 1,5 1500kW
1,75 1750kW 2,1 2100kW
2,3 2300kW 3,0 3000kW
3,5 3500kW 4,6 4600kW
5,8 5800kW 7,0 7000kW
8,1 8100kW 9,3 9300kW
11,0 11000kW