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Forced circulation boiler::Typ ZUK

The ZUK is a forced circulation hot water tubular heater and can be used in different heating processes.


The large combustion chamber are best guaranteed by the good combustion and exhaust emissions.

The boilerparts that get in contact with flue gases are cooled, special heat-resistant insulating materials with low heat storage capacity will be used so that we need no refactory lining. The ZUK is prepared in a vertical design, in which the heated tube cylinders guide the water from the bottom upwards, in lift direction.

The inlet and outlet temperature is 220°C.

An essential safety element of the ZUK is a flow-dependent flow control: the force circulation and thus the flow rate is controlled by measuring and monitoring the capacity flow.

The heating of the ZUK is with oil or gas burners.

Production of forced circulation boilers (ZUK)

The calculation, selection of materials and also equipment in accordance with the technical regulations for steam boilers (TRD) and the pressure equipment directive (PED 97/23/EC).

The building inspection and pressure test is carried out by the TÜV South Germany and if required, additional experts from foreign organizations.