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Electric Heated Steam Generator::Typ EDE

A Steam Generator with with numerous advantages!

No foundations required
Fully automatic Steam Boiler in compact construction, no foundations required.

No flue required
As EDE is not subject to regulations for the emission of steam boilers, no flue is required.

Easy installation
Only needs to be connected to water-, steam- and electric circuits.

Operation near habitable rooms
All boilers can be installed above or beneath habitable rooms.

Risk free
High safety standards protect the EDE from any kind of explosion and guarantee thereby risk free working conditions.

Further advantages
No licensed staff required, silent and clean operation

Electrically heated steam generators can be applied either in situations where sufficient electrical supply is guaranteed or in rooms where the installation of a flue for the waste gas produced by gas or oil burners is not possible. The production of the EDE is subject to the control of the Association for Technical Inspection and has to comply with all legal provisions. The thickness of the insulation guarantees only minimum loss of heat and high efficiency.

Specialised models

  • Explosion safe construction
  • For high- and low pressure steam
  • For hot and cold water boilers