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Flame Tube Smoke Pipe Boiler::Type DK

The DK flame tube-smoke pipe boiler is a steam boiler with a large steam- and water chamber and an internal turn chamber. In the case of an unstable steam extraction the large water chamber acts as a buffer. The steam boilers are equipped with high quality fittings and appliances. WTI guarantees an absolutely easy and safe handling of the steam boilers

The steam boiler is controlled automatically by a central controlling system. Our boilers are also available as hot water boilers.

WTI is offering you the complete equipment for your boiler-house: combustion plants, devices for the operation without steady surveillance (BosB), feed water processing, corrosion-protective dosing plants, equipment for the automatic control of the water hardness, feed water containers, condensate collectors, waste gas heat recycling units etc.


Our service

If the delivery in compact construction is not possible we are glad to deliver your heating supply in single components and install them on your building site. The steam boilers are equipped with an insulation of mineral wool mats of a minimum thickness of 150mm. They are insulated to the outside by an aluminium layer which reduces the loss through cooling.