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Steam Generator with Indirect Heating::Types DG, RDG and WTOE-DG

Type DG

WTI is offering the ideal supplement for steam supply: DG, our steam generator system with indirect heating which has been successfully in use not only because of its economic advantages. Classification and licensing differ from the standards for steam boilers, they comply with those for pressure tanks. Therefore the WTI DG needs not to be licensed, it only has to be registered. This has the advantage that this steam generator can be operated without licensed staff, even its start is fully automatic. The steam generator can therefore be placed next to the heat consumer without any need for an additional boiler-house or any other special building requirements, it can be installed in all kinds of explosion safe rooms.

The heat exchanger of the steam generator is also available in rustproof material. For the generation of sterile steam for medical use or in food- and chemical industries the whole steam generator can be made of rustproof material.

Also regarding the feed water the WTI DG is solidly built. Since there is no direct contact between the fire and the heating surface, the scale can not be burnt and therefore be removed more easily. The power regulation from 0-100% guarantees a high adjustment to the actual steam need.

Pure steam generators - RDG

The DG is also in stainless steel available if pure steam is required. Due to the very low heat flux compared to direct heated steam generators, it's relatively insensitive against operations with inadequate feed water. For cleaning purposes the RDG can easily dismantled. The pure steam generator will be found in hospitals for sterilisation, in food- and chemical industries.

Steam generators heated by fuel oil - WTOE-DG


The WTOEG is a combination of a directly heated heat-transfer-medium heater and a downstream steam generator. Compared to other steam generators the WTOEG has many advantages. A separate boiler room isn't required because the generator can be installed directly next to the heat consumers. So it's particularly suitable for on-site operations and under difficult conditions for example in explosion-prone areas. There is no supervision of the WTOEG required.

The combination of thermal oil heaters and steam generators is characterized by the required low maintenance. This system is particularly suited for applications, where steam generation in addition with process heat at high temperatures (up to approx. 340°C at almost pressure-free operation) is needed.