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Natural Circulation Boiler ::Type ND

Temperatures of 200 to 350°C are necessary for the heating of most industrial processes. Hereby, the use of steam has numerous advantages. The natural circulation boiler is the ideal boiler for the generation of saturated steam with a maximum pressure of 100 bar or of steam by organic heat transfer fluids. In the operation of the natural circulation boiler no circulating or feed pump is required. For this range of temperature and pressure this means a saving of both purchase and service costs. The closed heating system consists of the boiler linked to the consumer by unlockable connectors. The natural circulation boiler consists of a system of linked o-axial tubal three pass systems which carry the fumes. The tubal system is part of the fumeproof coating of the boiler. For the installation of the plant no foundations are required since the plant is set on a self-supporting frame. Naturally, only high quality material is used in the production. To guarantee safety and reliability in the operation, our boilers are equipped with all required fittings and control- and safety devices.