Quick steam generator

Types DE, DE-Z und SDE-Z

Characteristics and advantages

Compact construction
Our quick steam generators are delivered as a single unit - this allows a quick and money-saving installation. Because of its lightness it can be easily transported into the boiler-house. Thus, transportable units with higher steam efficiency are made possible. Since there is no water chamber, an operation of the boiler during transportation (e.g. on train) can be achieved.
Low water content
A very important advantage is the fact that because of the low water content a very high efficiency is granted. When the plant is not in operation the loss of heat is very low.
High quality components
Because of our high quality components only a minimum of servicing is required. The feed pump is a three piston pump with ceramic pistons, the regulating devices and all other components are made of high quality material with a long durability. WTI uses only oil and gas burners made by well-known manufacturers based on the latest technology standards as furnace devices. Naturally, they comply with the classification standards of the German Institute for Standardization (DIN).
Low costs in operation, maintenance and servicing
Quick steam generators can be operated without licensed staff according to the steam boiler regulation. The limits provided by this regulation are p.v. =< 1750. The evaporation tube is easily accessible and can be cleaned an changed without difficulties. This service is available either by a staff member of WTI or by one of our competent service partners close to you for only low service charges. Special Equipment • Automatic start • Operation without steady surveillance (BosB) • Automatic purging devices • Flow Safety System • Flue gas-ECO • Condensate Heat Exchanger • Water Treatment Unit The latter is the most important accessory for the quick steam generator, because the quality of the feed water is responsible for the fail-safe operation and the durability of the plants.

Verwendung einer vom TÜV abgenommenen BOSB (Betrieb ohne ständige Beaufsichtigung). Automatischer Start unter Beaufsichtigung von Betriebspersonal 
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Food and related Industries
For the distillation and fractionation of fatty acids and the distillation of glycerine, the deodorization of cooking oil, the splitting of fat and for cauldrons.
Building Material Industry
For the heating of drying chambers, steel planking, silo heating etc.
Chemical Industry
For the distillation and fractionation of fatty acids and the distillation of glycerine, the deodorization of cooking oil, the splitting of fat and for cauldrons.
Textile Industry
For thermosol processes, the fixation of fibres and dyestuff, the drying of fabrics, the coating and impregnation of fabrics and plastic, the heating of hasp skids (also available in HT).
Soap and Washing Powder Industries
For the heating of autoclaves, cauldrons, continuous saponification plants, spray dryer for washing powder etc.
Further applications
Large kitchens, Laundries, Hospitals, Wine cellars, Beverage Industry, Abattoirs etc.
Type scale
Designation Steam output [kg/h]
at 95°C
feet water temp.
Heat output [kW] Water content [l] Mass [kg] Waste gas nozzle Design
DE-Z 50 50 35 5 120 80 H
DE-Z 150 150 97 21 305 150 V
DE-Z 200/250 200/250 130/164 26 310/340 150 V
DE-Z 300 300 197 41,8 370 150 V
DE-Z 420 420 273 31,6 410 200 H u. V
DE-Z 600 600 389 50 510 250 H u. V
DE-Z 800 800 519 108 650 300 H u. V
DE-Z 1100 1100 714 146 720 300 H u. V
SDE-Z 1500 1500 1001 210 980 350 H
SDE-Z 1750 1750 1170 402 1450 350 H
SDE-Z 2300 2300 1535 573 2500 500 H
SDE-Z 2600 2600 1735 871 3600 500 H
Available pressure levels: 10 bar, 16 bar, 32 bar, higher pressure levels on demand
Custom built: steam power up to 8000 kg/h